Dear Gerri, I would like to thank you for all your hard work over the last year with grooming my two young male Shih Tzus. You were a real find and I really wish I had found you earlier. You have worked hard to put my two boys at ease. You had a traumatised dog that had become terrified of any dryer, would not let his face be groomed and who could not be left alone, along with his brother who had his own worries with bathing and drying. you have taken the time to calm them, and they can now be bathed and dried at your salon which is fantastic! The one to one stress free environment is just what the needed after previous experiences. 
The real care and love you have for dogs is what I wanted to see, they love coming to you and come out looking fabulous. Your attention to detail is above and beyond what I ever expected, its obvious you love your job and love the dogs you groom. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me and my boys. We feel very lucky to have you as our groomer and would recommend you to anyone. 
Sam Simmonds-Edge, 8th January 2016 (Shih Tzus) 
Dear Gerri, I just wanted to thank you for spending time with me and Samson this afternoon. I learned such a lot about how to groom my own dog. I'll be back for another session and for you to tidy up my efforts I'm sure. Thanks for the extras too and the advice on how to use all the equipment I've treated myself to! 
Vicki Baker, 20th October 2015 (Giant Schnauzer) 
Gerri, I must thank you for working so hard over the last few grooms and recovering Douggie's coat. I thought it was ruined after being clipped elsewhere instead of stripped. Thank you! 
Elaine Graham, 9th September 2015 (Lakeland Terrier) 
I'm so glad I discovered you can de-shed Beagles! There's far less hair on clothes and furniture since Bonnie has been visiting Groomin' Marvelous. Thank you! 
Simon Frost, 31st July 2015 (Beagle) 
I'm sure if I told Pheobe to go and get herself cleaned up, she'd turn up on your doorstep Gerri. She loves her time with you and is a little show off after her groom. 
Maria Webb 10th July 2015 (Bichon Frise) 
Hi Gerri, I just wanted to say that I am thrilled at the boys hair cuts. You have done an AMAZING job. Thank you so very much. 
Jo Hockett, 11th April 2015 (Havanese) 
I can't quite believe how excited my dog is to get to Groomin' Marvelous! If he's happy, I'm happy! Excellent grooming too! 
Sam Eley, 1st April 2015 (Jack Russell X) 
Having had a very bad experience with another groomer, I was amazed at how calm and well groomed Layla was. Gerri has restored her faith and mine! Fabulous groomer who knows how to put everyone at ease. 
David Collier, 12th February 2015 (West Highland White Terrier) 
My handsome Vadim is back! He looked so scruffy and unloved before his trip to Groomin' Marvelous. And moulting badly. Now he's gorgeous and shiney. Thank you so much Gerri 
Katya Taubner, 26th January 2015 (Borzoi) 
This is the second session our Labradoodle, Bonnie, has had with Gerri. We think she looks lovely. 
Gill Burchett, 29th December 2014 (Labradoodle) 
Thank you for making Mila look so beautiful. She looks and smells wonderful. I've never seen her look so good and she wasn't stressed when I collected her either. Vadim next week! 
Katya Taubner, 13th January 2015 (Lhasa Apso) 
Dear Gerri, I have to say I love the way you have styled Star's head. She always seemed to have a droopy beard and looked sad. She looks much happier now! 
Sue Holt 8th January 2015 (Labradoodle) 
Fantastic groomer! - Gerri has worked wonders with my Wheaten Terrier Molly, a rarer breed that requires specific and skilled grooming. Highly recommended. 
Joanna Chivers, 16th December 2014 (Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier) 
Gerri is absolutely brilliant with our neurotic Cocker Spaniel, Maisie. She's exceptionally patient, professional and friendly and the 'salon' is a calm and welcoming environment for the dogs. Maisie looks gorgeous when she leaves and we're firm regulars now. Highly recommended xx 
Victoria Lees. 5th October 2014. (Cocker Spaniel) 
Having seen Gerri's fabulously turned out Giant Schnauzers, I was so pleased to find out she was a groomer and she agreed to groom our Miniature Schnauzer. She is so relaxed with the dogs and puts them at ease, we are so pleased with the one to one attention he gets, and how his groom looks every time we collect him. The best groomer for our Schnauzer by far! We wouldn't go anywhere else. 
Olive and Peter Hughes. 6th November 2014 (Miniature Schnauzer) 
It was great to find a groomer who is so patient with oldies, our 14 year old Lhasa is rather unsteady on his feet, blind and deaf now, but Gerri took the time needed and didn't rush him. So not only did he look and smell wonderful, but he was completely unstressed and relaxed when we collected him. We were so impressed we rebooked there and then! 
Roslyn Metcalf. 22nd October 2014 (Lhasa Apso) 
Very good service. Very patient with excitable Labradors. We'll be back in 6 weeks! 
Jacqui Richards, 23rd September2014 (Labradors) 
Thank you very much Gerri. An excellent groomer and has always cut Baxter so well. He was really matted this time when I took him but after Gerri worked her magic he still looked beautiful. Thank you, and I would highly recommend Groomin' Marvelous. 
Cathrine Smith 17th November 2014 (Cockerpoo) 
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